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Alvord ISD Transportation Department

We are dedicated to providing Alvord students with a safe and secure bus ride everyday.

Call campus Principal to Reserve a Vehicle until September 1st.  Thank you.

Watching for Children

Student safety is very important to us. Below are some safety tips to help bus drivers and motorists work together to keep them safe.

If red lights are flashing, STOP!

They show that children are getting on or off the bus and may be crossing the street.

Learn the "flashing signal light system" that school bus drivers use to alert motorist of pending actions

Yellow Flashing Lights: Indicates that the bus is preparing to stop to load or unload children. Motorists should slow down and prepare to stop their vehicle.

Red Flashing Lights And Extended Stop Arms: Indicates that the bus has stopped and that the children are getting off or on the bus. Motorists must come to a complete stop and wait till the red lights stop flashing and the extended stop arm is withdrawn before they start driving again.

If a motorist runs the red lights of a school bus, not only do they risk the safety of our students but could receive citations or fines from the Police Department. This is considered a serious moving violation.

Bus Roadway image

    On individual roads and highways (those without medians or barriers in the middle), the general rule is that if you are approaching a school bus that has stopped (red lights on) in the road, STOP! No matter which direction you are approaching from. It does not matter how many lanes the road has.

   A turning lane is NOT a median or barrier and you must still STOP.

   The rule for a divided road/highway is slightly different. A divided road/highway is one divided by a physical barrier or an unpaved median. Remember- a turning lane does NOT make the road a divided road. On a divided road/highway only traffic going in the SAME direction are required to stop.

Railroad Tracks
    A school bus driver is required by law to stop at all railroad crossings, even if no train is seen.

    The driver is required to look both directions as well as listen for a train before proceeding through the crossing

   If you are behind a school bus and you are approaching a railroad crossing, be prepared to stop when the school bus stops.