Texas Academic Performance Report

The Texas Education Code (TEC), §39.306, requires each district’s board of trustees to publish an annual report that includes the TAPR, school report card, campus performance objectives, information on violent or criminal incidents, and information on the performance of the previous year’s graduates in their first year of college, as reported by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Please see the information below regarding these requirements.
2022-2023 Texas Academic Performance Report for the District and each campus are listed below:

PEIMS Financial Standard Reports:
financial section of the TAPR is provided by the Office of School Finance. These reports can be accessed from a link on the last page of the TAPR or at https://tea.texas.gov/finance-and-grants/state-funding/state-funding-reports-and-data/peims-financial-standard-reports.


District Accreditation Status:
Each district's annual report must include the
accreditation status according to Texas Education Code §39.051. The accreditation statuses can be accessed online at http://tea.texas.gov/accredstatus/.

Campus Performance Objectives:
Texas Education Code, §11.253, requires each
campus to have an improvement plan with performance objectives and to measure progress toward meeting these objectives.  Campus Improvement Plans can be found here: https://www.alvordisd.net/deic.


Report on Violent or Criminal Incidents:
The annual report must include information about violent or criminal incidents that occur on each campus.

Alvord ISD reported no violent or criminal incidents during the 2022-2023 school year.

Student Performance in Post-Secondary Institutions:
Texas Education Code, §51.403(e), requires post-secondary institutions in Texas to report student performance during the first year of enrollment after high school graduation to the high school from which students graduated. Districts must include this information in the annual report.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) publishes a report listing this
information for each high school in Texas (sorted by county and district) on its website at www.txhighereddata.org