Updated COVID-19 Protocols

Updated COVID-19 Protocols

Alvord ISD Family:

Attached below is our updated Continuity of Services Plan which includes the recent COVID-19 guidance we have received from the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  These protocols could change if we receive additional guidance from the TEA or from the Governor's Office.  

Randy Brown

Alvord ISD Superintendent



Update 9-3-2021

We received new public health guidance from the Texas Education Agency concerning COVID-19 protocols late yesterday afternoon.  The updated guidance is in italics below:
Students Who Are Close Contacts
School systems may choose to require household-based close contact students to stay at home during the below stay-at-home period if they are in an area with high or rising COVID case rates. This applies specifically to students who are close contacts because an individual who lives in the same household is COVID-19 positive
Moving forward we will be requiring students who are household-based close contacts to quarantine.
Staff Who Have COVID-19 or Who are Close Contacts 
Similar to students, school systems must exclude staff from attending school in person who are actively sick with COVID-19, who are suspected of being actively sick with COVID-19, or who have received a positive test result for COVID-19. Staff may return when the re-entry conditions have been met, as described in the DSHS rule used for students.  
Moving forward we will be requiring staff who are suspected of being actively sick with COVID-19 to quarantine.  For example, if a staff member is actively sick with COVID-19 symptoms but is not tested, that staff member will be required to follow the quarantine protocols.