2021-2022 Remind Accounts

Text the @____ to 81010                                                                               

Alvord High School:

2021-22 Freshmen        Text @ 722hd7  

2021-22 Sophomores    Text @ f929cka

2021-22Juniors              Text @ e7cfff          

2021-22 Seniors             Text @ gk66h4      


Alvord Middle School:

6th Grade    Text @bigdogs6 

7th Grade    Text @bigdogs7 

8th Grade    Text @bigdogs8  



MS Girls Athletics     text @2022jha        

HS Girls Athletics     text @2022hsat        

MS Boys Athletics    text @2022jhbat         

HS Boys Athletics     text @2022hsbat         

MS Volleyball      text @cad9837             

HS Volleyball     text @k6866b               

MS Cross Country    text @alvordmsx     

HS Cross Country    text @alvordx       

MS Football      text @2022jhfb          

HS Football       text @2022hsfb 


Alvord Elementary School Principal Info:


PK      Text @ aespk22 

K       Text @ aesk22  

1st grade    Text @aes1st22  

2nd grade   Text @ aes2nd22 

3rd grade    Text @ aes3rd22  

4th grade    Text @ aes4th22  

5th grade    Text @ aes5th22  

AES PTO    Text @ aespto22  


Only sign up for the grade level(s) your child(ren) is in.


Dr. Brown Superintendent:      Text @drb2122        


6th Grade Text @alvord6b

7th & 8th Grade Text @amsband22

HS Band Text @alvordband