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District Documents

Folder 17-18 District Calendar (2 Files)
pdf file 17-18 Adopted District Calendar
pdf file 17-18 Adopted District Calendar Updated 9-28-17
Folder 18-19 District Calendar (1 Files)
pdf file 2018-2019 District Calendar
Folder 18-19 School Supply List (7 Files)
pdf file 1st Supply List
pdf file 2nd Supply List
pdf file 3rd Supply List
pdf file 4th Supply List
pdf file 5th Supply List
pdf file Kinder Supply List
pdf file PreK Supply List
Folder Alvord ISD Wellness Policy (1 Files)
pdf file Alvord ISD Wellness Policy
Folder Cafeteria Documents (1 Files)
pdf file Free and Reduced Lunch Applications
Folder Computers & Technology (6 Files)
pdf file Chromebook Agreement
pdf file Chromebook Guide
pdf file CQ (Local) Internet Safety Policy
pdf file Google Apps Permission Form
pdf file Staff AUP
pdf file Student AUP
Folder Criminal History Check Authorization Form (1 Files)
pdf file Volunteer Background Check Authorization Forms
Folder District Notices & Documents (7 Files)
pdf file 17-18 Notice of Public Meeting to Discuss Budge & Tax Rate
pdf file 2014 Highly Qualified Teacher`s Report
pdf file 2014 LEA Determination Report
pdf file 2015 Highly Qualified Teacher's Report
pdf file 2017 Accountability Rating
pdf file Career and Technology Notice 15-16
pdf file Career and Technology Notice 2014
Folder District and Campus Improvement Plans (4 Files)
pdf file District Improvement Plan
pdf file Elementary CIP 17-18
pdf file High School CIP 17-18
pdf file Middle School CIP 17-18
Folder District of Innovation (1 Files)
pdf file Alvord ISD Approved DOI Plan
Folder English as a Second Language Program (ESL) (2 Files)
pdf file English
pdf file Spanish
Folder Handbooks 2017-2018 (7 Files)
pdf file Athlectic Handbook
pdf file Band Handbook
pdf file Dyslexia Plan
pdf file Employee Handbook 17-18
pdf file GT Handbook
pdf file Student Code of Conduct
pdf file Student Handbook
Folder Parent Portal/Tx Connect Manual (2 Files)
pdf file txConnect_Parent_Quick_Reference.pdf
pdf file TxEIS txConnect Guide.pdf
Folder Resolution of the Board Regarding Hazardous Traffic Conditions (1 Files)
pdf file 17-18 Resolution of the Board
Folder Special Education Required Posting (2 Files)
pdf file Texas Transition and Employment Guide - English
pdf file Texas Transition and Employment Guide - Spanish
Folder StayALERT Program (1 Files)
pdf file Parent Notification Letter
Folder Texas Academic Performance Report (12 Files)
pdf file 16-17 District TAPR
pdf file 16-17 ES TAPR
pdf file 16-17 HS TAPR
pdf file 16-17 MS TAPR
pdf file District TAPR 14-15
pdf file District TAPR 15-16
pdf file ES TAPR 14-15
pdf file ES TAPR 15-16
pdf file HS TAPR 14-15
pdf file HS TAPR 15-16
pdf file MS TAPR 14-15
pdf file MS TAPR 15-16
Folder UIL Eligibility Calendar (1 Files)
pdf file 17-18 UIL Eligibility Calendar
Folder 2018 W-4 Form (1 Files)
pdf file 2018 W4
Folder Agency Deposit Detail (1 Files)
pdf file Agency Deposit Detail
Folder Extra Duty Addendum (1 Files)
pdf file Extra Duty Addendum.Form.pdf
Folder Fund Raising Documentations and Regulations (2 Files)
pdf file Authorization for Fundraiser_1.pdf
pdf file fundraiser profit-loss_1.pdf
Folder Hotel Tax Exemption Form (1 Files)
pdf file Hotel Tax Exempt Form
Folder Mileage Reimbursement Form (1 Files)
pdf file Mileage Reimbursement 1-2018
Folder Student Meal Request (1 Files)
pdf file Student Meal Request Form.pdf
Folder Tax Exempt Information (1 Files)
Folder Employment Applications (3 Files)
pdf file Bus Driver Application
pdf file Service and Support Application (Aides, Secretaries, Custodial, Cafeteria)